upward boat

urdhava navasana

Upward boat tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles, improves balance and confidence, and stretches the backs of the legs.

From staff posture, bend the knees, bringing the feet flat to the floor with the legs together.

 Interlace the fingers around the knees.

Press down through the hips and up through the crown to lengthen the spine.

 Use the arms to drop the shoulders down and back and to press the chest forward.

 Release the arms forward, parallel to the floor with the palms facing down.

Slowly inhale and lean back lifting the heels and inch or two off of the floor.

 Keep the chest open and the shoulders down and back.

Slowly begin to straighten the legs, kicking out through the heels, lifting the legs up as high as comfortable.

Keep the chest open and the shoulders down and back.

Breathe and hold for 2-6 breaths.

To release: exhale and bend the knees, lowering the feet back to the floor.

a) keep the knees bent.
b) hold on to the toes or feet with your hands (or use a yoga strap).