Viloma Pranayama

'Vi' means against, Loma means hair, viloma means against the natural flow. In Viloma pranayama the inhalations and exhalations are interrupted with brief pauses.

Inhale through both nostrils without restricting the intake in any way. On the exhalation stop when the air when it is half way out. Hold the breath for about 4 seconds before continuing to exhale all of the air out of the lungs.

Finding the half way point can be challenging and takes some time and inner analysis. Enjoy these early stages of pranayama and always practice fine tuning the lower Stage instructions.

When exhaling control the air as it leaves the lungs through the nostrils. Make the outflow of air even on both sides.

Begin to also control the intake of air through the nostrils so that it is even. (This can be quite hard if one nostril is completely blocked. If this is the case just allow the intake of air to flow in as well as possible without obstruction.)

After this is mastered work up to 2 pauses during exhalation. Practice this for a while before increasing the amount of pauses further.

There can be many pauses after exhalation. The exhalation can be done with continuous short fast pauses. This causes a completely different type of energy but does not provide the same insight to different parts of the breath.

Round of Anuloma Viloma:

1) Breathe in through the left nostril closing the right. 2) Hold breath, closing both nostrils. 3) Breathe out through the right nostril keeping the left nostril closed. 4) Breathe in through the right nostril keeping the left nostril closed. 5) Hold the breath, closing both nostrils. 6) Breathe out through the left nostril keeping the right closed.

Start with three rounds build up to twenty rounds.