seated forward bend


Seated forward fold provides a deep stretch for entire back side of body from the heels to the neck.

Forward fold calms the nervous system and emotions and stimulates the reproductive and urinary systems.

From staff posture, inhale the arms up over the head.

 As you exhale, bend the knees slightly to reach the fingers to the toes, ankles or shins.

 Bend the knees enough to press the head against the knees.

 Keeping the head pressing down towards the knees, gently press the heels away from you, and straighten the legs.

Breathe and hold for 3-8 breaths. 

To release: inhale the arms back over your head. Exhale the arms to your sides.

Start with the back flat and the spine long, pressing out through the crown of the head, gently pulling yourself forward with the arms.