forward fold


forward fold lengthens the spinal column and stretches the backs of the legs and the back muscles.

 This posture stimulates digestive, uro-genital, nervous and endocrine systems.  

From mountain posture exhale forward hinging at the hips.

Bend the knees enough to bring the palms flat to the floor and the head pressed against the knees.  

Feel the spine stretching in opposite directions as you pull the head down and in and press the hips up.

 Breathe and hold for 4-8 breaths, actively pressing the belly into the thighs on the inhalation.

To release: bend the knees keeping the back straight, inhale the arms out to the sides and inhale the arms and torso up back into mountain pose.  

Scoop the fingers under the heels behind the ankles or scoop the palms under the toes.

 Recent or chronic injury to the legs, hips, back or shoulders.