Half moon twist improves balance, memory, concentration.

This posture builds lower body strength and stretches the upper back and shoulders.

 Come into a lunge position with the right leg forward and fingertips on the floor.

 Inhale and step forward, lifting the left leg up, straightening both legs, bringing the left leg parallel to the floor.

Stare at a point on the floor for balance.

 Slowly inhale and lift the left hand up to the left hip.

Roll the left hip up towards the ceiling, turning the hips towards the side wall.

 Slowly inhale the reach the left hand up towards the ceiling.

 Slowly turn and look at the side wall, staring a one point.

Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths.

To release: slowly bring the left hand back to the floor. Step the left foot back into a lunge.

Repeat on other side.

Use a wood or foam block between the hand and the floor.