prayer twist

namaskar parsvakonasana

Prayer twist builds lower body strength, opens the chest, stretches the back muscles, and helps nourish and realign the spine.

From warrior II (with right foot forward), rotate the torso, bringing the left elbow on the right knee.

Bring the palms together in prayer position and press into them to rotate the right shoulder up and back twisting the upper back.

 Look at the wall or the ceiling.

Keep the right knee bent, legs strong pressing into the feet, and keep the hips sinking down.

Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths.

To release: inhale and press into the feet, straightening the legs and then inhale the arms out to the side or up towards the ceiling.

 Repeat on other side.

Place both hands on the bent knee and look over the shoulder, twisting the upper back.