The dancer improves balance, focus and concentration.

Dancer deeply stretches the hip, leg, back and shoulder.  

From the mountain posture, bend the right knee, bringing all your weight into the left foot.

Turn the right hand palm out with the thumb pointing to the back wall. Stare at a point on the floor for balance.  

Slowly inhale the right foot up and hold onto the foot or ankle with the right hand.  

Inhale the left hand up towards the ceiling.  

 As you exhale, kick the right foot into the arm, allowing the leg and foot to lift up towards the ceiling.

As the leg lifts up, hinge at the hips and with a straight back lower the arm and torso down towards the floor.

Keep the right hip down, parallel to the floor.  

Keep staring at a point on the floor for balance, breathe deeply and hold for 2-4 breaths.  

To release, inhale reaching the left arm back up towards the ceiling and exhale release the arms and the right leg down.  

Repeat on other side.  

Do this pose in stages, stopping at 2 or 3 if you cannot balance well or go all the way into the posture.  

Undedicated high blood pressure, recent or chronic injury to the legs, hips, back or shoulders.