Corporate Yoga benefits


Fewer sick days lost

Yoga revitalises the immune system and the major organs of the body, removing waste products such as alcohol up to three times more quickly. Improved immunity means less workdays lost through colds, fatigue and other non-specific illnesses.
Less back pain

An extensive number of sick days are lost because of back pain each year in Australia. The stronger, healthier backs that result from a regular yoga practice will significantly lessen the number of days missed in your company. Count them.

Better problem solving skills

Yoga harmonises the left and right sides of the brain so logical and creative thought come together as one. Flashes of inspiration should become increasingly common.

Quicker response time

By training you in the art of single pointed ness, yoga immediately improves mental concentration and focus.

The ability to Stay Cool

Stress is like an enclosing wall all around us. Yogic deep breathing and yoga stretches create a genuine sense of inner and outer space. Tightening deadlines, conflict and other stresses will lose their grip as you learn to breathe and stand your ground.

Yoga physiologically transforms apathy and depression by oxygenating the brain and increasing the endorphins in the blood.

 Energy and Vitality

Yoga awakens hidden reserves of energy within your nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems so drowsiness and fatigue are replaced by alertness and aliveness.
Improved Self-Esteem

People work better when they feel good about themselves. By carrying out demanding physical yoga postures, your confidence will grow - even after your first-class.
Stronger Team Bonds

Taking yoga classes together is a way to build better communication and trust between members of a team and even have fun.

Programme Format and Fees

Following consultation with the management or human resources team, a programme will be tailored to the needs of your organisation.  

Options include courses, ongoing classes, seminars, workshops and retreats.

Recommended format for an initial programme:

        Initial introductory information session

        A workshop/seminar on stress, health and Yoga

        Introductory course of one session a week for eight weeks

        This may then be followed with ongoing general Yoga classes.

        At a time that best suits your organisation and those who wish to participate.

        Possibilities include early morning, lunchtimes or afternoon/evening. Each session is 1/2 to 1 hours.

 How Much Will A Programme Cost?

Introductory information session: 2000 INR.

Programme costs are then determined according to the nature of the particular programme that is developed.   Depending on your needs, the yoga program structure normally includes a series of yoga classes running for eight to ten weeks. Ongoing or one-off classes are also possible.  The one-hour classes cost 100 per person per class for 10 people or more.