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Would you like employees in your organisation to be stronger, more flexible, healthier, have clearer minds, and be calm and focused in the face of challenge? Consider the numerous benefits of Corporate Yoga Classes in the office.

Despite popular misconceptions, Yoga is not about bodily contortions or becoming a human pretzel. Yoga is an approach to physical and mental health, well-being and personal growth. It is a discipline through which we experience, explore and challenge our minds and bodies, and the nature of our being.


One of the many benefits of Yoga is developing an awareness of the effects of stress in our lives, and the skills with which to manage them. These benefits naturally extend from the individual participant to the work environment in which they are contributing. Regular practice is known to bring improved health in mind and body, increased energy, well-being and productivity.


A corporate yoga programme is a great opportunity to bring the ancient practices of Yoga into the office.

Corporate yoga is more than just exercise and relaxation; more than a general yoga class; more than a conventional course in stress management. It is a complete programme of mind-body health, and personal challenge and acceptance.

                    Working with issues related to:

        Physical, mental and emotional health

        Stress management

        Relaxation skills

        Concentration & clarity of mind

        Clear perception & decision-making


        Personal productivity

        As well as fitness, health and well-being

              Using techniques such as

        Exercise & Stretching (Asana)

        Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)

        Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

        Concentration and Meditation


        Diet and Lifestyle

        Self-Awareness and Introspection

        Positive thinking


Yoga for your employee's well-being?

Do you, your colleagues, or your employees ever:

         Sit at a desk for hours?

         Feel drowsy and sluggish?

         Get back pain, neck pain or headaches?

         Suffer from stress?

         Feel overwhelmed by deadlines?

         Take many days off sick?

         Find that your mind wanders from the task?

         Your work, your colleagues, even your customers easily frustrate you?

The well-being of employees is one of the cornerstones of being a responsible employer.  Being able to help your employees to take control of work-related and non-work related aspects such as health, stress and fitness is an integral part of that accountability. Assisting employees well-being and preserving a healthy life improves morale, commitment and satisfaction and increases the organisation's ability to continue and keep a productive workforce.

What Do We Need To Conduct A Programme In Your Workplace?

Please choose a regular time each week and find a clean and relatively Suitable room, large enough for the number of participants in your work place- such as a conference or social room - where we can conduct the class without too much disturbance

Each participant will need:

        Loose clothing (shorts or tights & a T-shirt)

        A large towel

        Ability to breathe

        Suitable for all levels

        No prior experience of yoga is necessary

        Beginners are welcome

For safety reasons we also recommend that you purchase Yoga mats.

These are available from us at a discounted price and can be rolled up and easily stored away.

  When are we available for corporate yoga classes?

7 X 24 Although evenings are the most popular time for a corporate yoga class, try early morning or lunchtime slots to enhance your teams stamina during the day.

How long are the classes?

Office Yoga Classes are 30 minutes long; however, 60 minute Yoga classes are available. Half day workshops last three hours; full day workshops last five to six hours excluding lunch