crab posture


Crab posture opens the front side of the body and builds arm, leg and core body strength.

From staff posture, bend the knees bringing the feet flat on the floor hip width apart.

 Keep the arms behind your hips with the fingers pointed away from your body.

Lean back into the arms and slowly inhale and lift the hips up towards the ceiling.

 Press into the feet, squeezing the thighs and buttocks and engaging mula bandha.

Press down into the hands with the arms straight to lift the chest up towards the ceiling, slightly arching the back.

 If it feels safe, slowly let the head drop all the way back.

Breathe and hold for 2-6 breaths, making sure you breathe into the belly and into the chest.

To release: slowly exhale the hips back down to the floor. Inhale one leg up towards the ceiling, pressing out through the heel.