half bow


ardha dhanurasana

half bow energizes and strengthens the entire body, and especially builds core body strength.

 Half bow stimulates the kidneys, adrenals and reproductive system.

Lie on your belly, with the legs together or a few inches apart.

 Bring the chin to the floor and slide the right arm along the floor, over your head with the palm facing down.

Bend the left knee and reach the left hand back to hold onto the left heel or ankle.

 Inhale and kick the left foot into the arm to lift the left leg, head and chest off of the floor.

 Keep the neck in line with the spine, looking down at the floor. Lift the right arm off of the floor,

keeping it parallel to the floor.

Breathe and hold for 2-6 breaths.

 To release: slowly exhale and lower the leg, arm, head and chest down to the floor.

Repeat on other side. Use a yoga strap looped around the foot and held with one hand.