balancing half moon

dandayamana ardha chandrasana

Balancing half moon improves balance, focus, concentration, and confidence.

This posture opens the hips and strengthens the ankles, knees and lower body.

From a lunge position with the left foot forward, inhale and step forward into the left foot, straightening the left leg.

 Straighten the right leg up parallel to the floor.

Staring at a point on the floor, place the left palm directly under the left shoulder and carefully bring the right hand to the right hip.

 Roll the right hip up and back so the hips face the side wall

 Inhale the right fingertips up towards the ceiling.

Turn the head to face the side wall.

Work on turning the whole torso to face the side wall. Breathe and hold for 3-5 breaths.

 To release: exhale and slowly bring both hands back to the floor and step the foot back into a lunge.

Repeat on other side.

a) Use a yoga brick under the hand.
b) Practice against a wall, leaning the back, head and legs against the wall for support.